Fill in gaps with adverbs from the list.

  1. This is a lesson, which is not taught in schools (a)—.
  2. The vice of the modern system of education is that it lays down too many royal roads to knowledge. The difficulties which (b)—compelled the students to think and labour for himself are now most (c)—removed.
  3. Our young men are equipped to such an extend with manuals and that explain everything (d)—.
  4. They get guidebooks that go (e)—.

 Fill in the gaps with adverbs from the list.

  1. Fire has been (a)—since creation.
  2. In fact in appears that fire had a hand in creation itself, (b)—, man did not discover fire but, (c)—, he discovered its use.
  3. Before he discovered its use, he was (d)—at its mercy.
  4. (e)—he also ate meat raw. Then one day he discovered that this terrifying thing which burnt and burnt, could be tamed.

Fill in the gaps with adverbs from the list.

  1. The giant felt sorry as he looked (a)—.
  2. “How selfish I have been!” he said to himself. “Now I know why the spring would not come (b)—”.
  3. So he (c)—went out into the garden.
  4. But when the children saw him they were (d)—, frightened that they all ran (e)—, and the garden became winter again.

 Fill in the gaps with adverbs from the list.

  1. Only the little boy did not run, for his eyes were (a)—full of tears that he did not see the giant coming.
  2. The giant (b)—came behind him, took him (c)—in his hands and pushed him up into the tree.
  3. The tree at (d)—broke into blossom.
  4. The little boy stretched (e)—his two arms, flung them round the giant’s neck and kissed him.

Fill in the gaps with adverb from the list.
painfully — slowly — peacefully — away — very fairly — outside — lately

  1. Days and weeks passed One morning the doctor came to the room on his daily round. He found the lifeless body of the man by the window. He died (a)—in his sleep.
  2. The doctor made all the arrangements to take the body (b)—.
  3. On his new bed the friend of the exceed (c)—propped himself up.
  4. He was (d)—exceed. He (e)—looked through the window.

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